Why move?

Why move? Why lift heavy weight, run, jump, pull, press, push, flex, extend, and squat? Well, besides the obvious answers like: its what we are meant to do, it will make us stronger, or faster, or more limber, or look like a sexy beast before beach season. Why? Why do we do anything in this life that caters to sofa life and obliges the non activant? We don’t have to leave the house except to work, and even then, more and more humans are working from home. We don’t have to gather our gear and migrate because of the season. We don’t have to hunt, and prepare our own food. We don’t have to carry heavy objects, weld large, bulky weapons, or hike long distances to our destination. So why?

It’s a question that we should all ask ourselves, and we should ask it often. Here’s by take; I do because I fucking can. Pretty simple. I’m not going to be the one that has to spend six months in rehab because I threw my back out lifting up my grandchild. I’m not going to be the one who sits silent when someone needs helpĀ  because I haven’t built up the intestinal fortitude to do something about it. I’m not going to allow myself to be the one who can’t run to the aid of my family, my friends, countrymen, my soldiers, or any stranger that may need me to run to them, or run them to safety. I won’t allow myself to loose my functionality. What would I be if I didn’t fight to be better everyday when I have the capacity and the evolution to do so. I fight for me, for my minis, and for my future wife. I fight everyday to move better, to live better, to be better in all aspects of my life; and believe me that makes for a long list, so I know I won’t get bored anytime soon. I fight to be bigger, better, faster, stronger, form my family, for my friends, and for you, you who I will never forget. At least that’s what I strive for.

Maybe instead of asking why, we should ask why not? Get out there and move. Lift heavy shit. Be a badass. Because today we need badasses.

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