I remember thinking as a kid, how awesome it would be to have some sort of fantastical powers. To be able wave a wand and make things happen with a thought, or a spell. To be able to vanquish my enemies with the simple flick of my hand, sending them flying away in a tornado, or turn them into a slug. Maybe I could’ve been a super hero with lightening speed, or unbelievable strength, or be able to turn invisible, or grow the size of a small building and be indestructible, to fly and jump, to be able to heal with a single touch, read minds, or make fireballs fly out of my hands. Yep, too freaking cool.


While there is no shortage of do gooder, fight for the side of justice characters to choose from. I found that my favorite wizards and heroes were far from squeaky clean; I guess I’ve always lived in more of a grey area. Rugged wizards with hidden strengths. Super heroes with troubled minds: Gandalf the Grey, Cable, Gambit, Deadpool, The Punisher, Wolverine, Spawn, Savage Dragon, GI Joe, or Magnum P.I. …Not always the strongest in power, or prettiest, or coolest ability, but, always much more fun.


At thirty-six, I can say with a clear conscious that this hasn’t changed a bit. I look at the world around me. I see what my loved ones go through daily, and I wish I had super powers. I wish could right the wrongs, and heal wounds, and fly to the rescue, or cast spells to make it all go away. I might also think of some very Weasly like practical jokes that I would like to play on a few deserving souls. How awesome it would be to have a kick ass super suit, and a badass locker room full of laser cannons and blasters; just saying. Magic, super heroes, galactic travel, battling aliens, monsters, evil villain’s, and fighting along side a smoking hot super hero like Rogue, or Domino, or a space wrangler like Kara “Starbuck” Thrace, or Zoe Washburn. Yep, pretty fucking Rad.


Okay, so I get it, this might seem like an unrealistic and very childish notion. But as

Veterans day passed, and Thanksgiving is one plastic container away from being gone, and I’ve flipped through all my memories and pictures on Facebook, and maybe some of my old comics… I am reminded that it’s not that far fetched. I get to fight along side a smoking hot super hero and space wrangler every day. I have been in the company of the worlds best bad asses, and fought along some of Earths greatest heroes. I live in a house that is full of little warriors and a warrior princess, charging at the day with Nerf guns and window rods–I mean magic scepters/microphone. I get to work with a team that makes Wizarding seem like child’s play, and make Cylons look like Wall-E.


My point being, as the end of November is creeping through our window, and we are wondering what the Hell is going on all around us, it’s okay to remember that we are surrounded by a world that is more than anything we could ever imagine. It’s not a black and white world we live in; it’s varying shades of different colors, against the grey of a badass blaster.


Hard times make hard people. Live Uncommon.

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