The things we Carry

Woke up today. All on my own. No alarm clock. No rush to get out of bed. Just woke up. The most brilliant, magical, beautiful, woman I’ve ever met wrapped up next to me. Sun beating through the window making her hair glow, and highlighting the line of her jaw, and the curves of her peeking shoulder. A mini is sprawled out like a fallen rag doll on the other side of us, her tiny body mysteriously taking up half the bed. Another mini lays curled under blankets on the pull out; wild, perfect, curls of hair trailing across the pillow like fingers gripping for one more minute of sleep. One of the teenage mini’s  has fallen asleep on the floor in the sitting room; having fallen asleep trying to squeeze one more minute of fantasy out a computer game. The other Teenage mini is buried under blankets in his bedroom; like a soldier finally asleep on a cot, trying to hide under the comfort of his woobie. A small silence before the running starts. It is crazy. It is perfect. It is the what I live and fight for.

Wake up breathing, and fight for your day.


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