more than talking heads

Conversations. The kind that make you get lost in time and space, and let the world around you melt away. True, heart, soul, and mind compelling conversation. Conversations about anything, and everything; about current world problems, about the day to come, or the day that happened. Maybe they’re conversations about what your kids are doing, what’s going on at work, or about your dreams. Maybe they’re about planning a fantastical adventure, a new love in your life, or about any countless number of the ever-changing canvases we call life.


There is nothing else that replaces a great conversation. One held over coffee, the breakfast table, on the back patio, over a camp fire, in the den, or while laying in bed with the one you love. It’s one of the ways we problem solve, grow, laugh, reflect, breathe, love, become closer with each other, learn, adapt, resolve conflict, or any other of the endless ways we try to be better humans.


It is something that is growing more and more challenging every day, but it is something that is irreplaceable in this life.


Wishing you some good conversations today.