Change is good. Terrifying. Challenging. Sad. Horrible. Exciting. Brilliant. Perfect. Change is inevitable. Without it we become stagnant, and die a slow mundane, agonizing death.

With change comes growth, with growth comes experience and knowledge, with experience and knowledge we can have a better understanding of ourselves, of those around us, and of this fantastical world we live in.

I’ve had a lot of change recently, most people do. Some of it controlled and on purpose, others, not so much. In all this change I know a few things. One: I ‘m still breathing. As long as I’m still breathing I have a chance. Two: I still have more things to be happy about than not. I have a beautiful family, fierce friends, and a lot of hope. Three: This shits too easy. Work hard, play hard, and love harder. One step at a time, one leap, one hand hold, one giant breath in, we can make magical stories happen everyday.

Go have new adventures. Run into new stories. Make explosive changes. And be relentless in your quest to be as alive as you can be.


Be better, because you aren’t helpless



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