The write life

Have you ever had one of those moments when you are so involved in what you are doing, that everything else around you melts into oblivion? It’s like that moment you knew you were in love. It could have been on a knobby green hill, floating away on a first kiss. Maybe a dance, when you swear your feet never touched the floor. It’s like making love; being so close that both your sweaty bodies feel as if they are romping together as one.

Well there are not many times that we have the opportunity to run away like this, but it does happen. For me, after the falling in love, and sex bit, it is writing. Yes, sometimes it happens when I’m working out, or doing a competition, but with writing I escape and live in a world that makes me have to fight to come back to my home plane. There are times when I have the rare opportunity of getting so lost, that I wake up when I’m done, not showered, starving, and lost as to where the days went.

I finished a recent manuscript, that I was trying to get finished and submitted to a publisher during an open submission period, and I missed it. I missed it by a mere matter of minutes. My fault, it was stupid. I did, however, finish a story that was so much fun writing, I am going to continue to get lost in it, and at some point invite others to get lost in it too.

Hope yo get lost today, in all the right ways.